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Conago-1 May Become A Permanent Strategy

Marcelo Ebrard, Head of the Federal District Government (Photo Credit: Milenio).

06/24/11 – Marcelo Ebrard, the head of the Federal District government, has announced that due to the high success rates of the National Operation Against Crime (Operativo Nacional Específico en Contra de la Delincuencia), otherwise known as Conago-1, officials are now considering making the strategy permanent. Officials believe this policy to have been one of the most rewarding and victorious nationwide coordinated efforts to combat crime.  Conago-1 primarily targeted  “common crimes,” such as burglary and theft, and resulted in stolen cars being found and led to the arrests of many criminals.

On June 20, a day after the week-long campaign ended, the National Conference of Governors (Conferencia Nacional de Gobernadores, Conago) agreed that the policy should become permanent.  They will reunite on July 11 to discuss and analyze the results of the mission and to decide what steps should be taken to make this an effective permanent program.  Conago is also actively planning what ideas to discuss at the next National Security Council reunion.  El Universal reported that the agenda includes the creation of control centers for confidence, improving education for police officers, combating addiction, and getting more youth involved and enrolled in the education system.

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