OASIS Program



The Oral Adversarial Skill-building and Immersion Seminar (OASIS) program was funded in late 2014 by the U.S. State Department. This project provides significantly greater resources and requires a much greater organizational capacity to successfully train Mexican attorneys and law professors to help implement the new criminal justice system. Under OASIS, Justice in Mexico was able to hire new personnel and expand our reach and influence in ways that greatly benefited the overall mission of the organization. In September 2017, we received notification that this program will receive continued U.S. State Department funding over the next two years, thereby helping us to sustain our impact.

OASIS has three specific objectives that will continue to guide Justice in Mexico’s efforts during the next two years:

1) provide three 40-hour litigation workshops to law professors and students of UNAM School of Law

2) provide three training/study tours to the United States

3) provide one international symposium on oral, adversarial, accusatory criminal justice systems, Mexico’s criminal justice reforms, and the role law schools will play in the transition to this new criminal justice system.


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