Transparency and Accountability

JMP has promoted studies about the responsibility and answerability of the state and its representatives to their constituencies, especially those aspects of government accountability not related irregular, biased, or inefficient enforcement of the law. It has also promoted research about corruption, particularly in the judicial system.



JMP has generated works covering a wide range of topics relating to Mexico’s justice system: effective enforcement of the law, government adherence to the law, and access to justice through law. Government accountability and transparency is the paramount theme in all these works. Contributors have addressed justice-reform issues such as political corruption, criminal impunity, and inefficient enforcement of the law that routinely challenge Mexican citizens on a daily basis. They have also attempted to promote the aims of greater accountability and transparency in Mexico. This works combined have been published in the monograph: “Evaluating Accountability and Transparency in Mexico. National, Local, and Comparative Perspectives”


JMP has analyzed some of the indicators that either may relate or directly relate to corruption, in order to have a better sense of the opinions and perceptions of the operators of the criminal justice system and therefore have a closer look at the system itself.