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Zempoala’s Director of Public Security is Detained

Leopoldo Peña Cruz, director de Seguridad Pública de Zempoala.

02/11/11 – Members of the Security and Investigation Agency of the State of Hidalgo (Agencia de Seguridad e Investigación del Estado de Hidalgo) arrested the director of Public Security of Zempoala after discovering that he was responsible for organizing the burglary of a white pickup truck that had been reported stolen.  The director, Leopoldo Peña Cruz, was taken into custody early this morning.

A state task force responded to a 066 emergency call in which someone reported seeing a male breaking into a white Dodge Ram with Texas license plates in a wasteland located in the community of Venustiano Carranza in Zempoala.  When officers arrived at the scene, they witnessed the individual trying to dismember a white Dodge Ram into pieces with an ax.  The man, who was identified as Carlos Reyes Mendoza, 26, was taken into custody and confessed that Peña Cruz had ordered him to take apart the stolen truck in order to sell it for parts.  According to police reports, the Dodge Ram was reported stolen February 12, 2008, in Coacalco.  Reyes Mendoza added that after he had taken out all the valuable car parts, Peña Cruz instructed him to get rid of the truck since neither of the two men were the true owners of it.  Peña Cruz is currently in the custody of ministerial authorities who will determine the degree of his involvement in this act.



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