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Webpage for the Mexican Red Cross hacked with threatening message

The webpage for the Red Cross of Mexico was hacked by someone under the username “Etizx.” The hacker posted a note threatening the “president of Nuevo Laredo” for the insecurity lived in that city. However, the notes ambiguity leads some to believe the hacker was talking about President Calderon, and other, the municipal president of Nuevo Laredo.

Referencing the organized crime group, Los Zetas, the hacker wrote, “You know that if you come to Nuevo Laredo the Z will not kill you, the citizens will kill you, for making us live in this inferno.” Also written were question such as, “What’s going on president why aren’t you in Nuevo Laredo giving your face, what’s going on president why are you hiding.”

One of the paragraphs was a petition to the Red Cross asking the organization not to erase the page without the authorities knowing, stating that it was of their benefit and that of everyone else, assuring that the use of such medium would be appreciated by the people of Nuevo Laredo. The hacker called an end to the police, transits, and the corrupt, starting with the government.


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