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Wanted U.S. female drug trafficker arrested in Tijuana

Brittany Liebman and Campbell Juston. Image: SSPM.
Brittany Liebman and Campbell Juston. Image: SSPE.

02/28/14 (written by lcalderón) — A U.S. citizen wanted for drug trafficking activities in her hometown of San Diego, California was arrested just across the border in Tijuana by agents of the Baja California State Preventative Police (Policía Estatal Preventitiva, PEP) as part of the PEP’s International Liaison (Enlace Internacional) operation. The 23-year-old woman identified as Brittany Beth Liebman was under investigation for trafficking cocaine and methamphetamines into the city of San Diego. Liebman, who had had a warrant out for her arrest since June 2013, was detained alongside Steven Scot Campbell Juston (34), who also had an arrest warrant dating from May 2012 for his alleged involvement in drug-related criminal activity.

Alfredo Arenas Moreno, coordinator of the International Liaison, stated that when they learned of Liebman’s activities they opened a case and began operations to track her whereabouts. Investigations led to Liebman’s presumed location in Zona Norte, near Downtown Tijuana, where was thought to be hiding. Liebman and Campbell Juston were arrested in late February when they showed suspicious attitudes after seeing approaching police. In collaboration with U.S. Marshalls, Mexican officers confirmed that she had an apprehension order for drug trafficking and violating conditional freedom. State Police passed Liebman off to the Public Prosecutors Office (Ministerio Público), where she now awaits extradition to the United States to stand trial.

Arenas Moreno noted that 60% of international criminals arrested in Baja California in 2013 were captured in coastal zones, including Tijuana, while the remaining  40% were in Mexicali, Baja California, a trend that has continued into 2014.


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4 thoughts on “Wanted U.S. female drug trafficker arrested in Tijuana”

  1. They always look like a deer caught in a headlight although they knew exactly what they were doing. There are bigger fish to fry so hopefully she will spill the beans.

  2. I love Mexico. The majority of the locals are law abiding, extremely hardworking, productive members of society. It is these drug traffickers, and timeshare frauds that are ruining the perception of the majority of the Mexican people. I feel that this new President will do good things for his country and his people. He is off to a good start.

    1. It really is the drug traffickers. Its really sad when you think about the magnitude of their power and how they keep the country chained in corruption and stagnant production.

      I appreciate seeing others with similar views. It feels as if no one else cares.

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