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Increasing Violence in the Tourist Zones of Acapulco during Easter Break

Sources: Milenio

04/07/2023 (written by abrizuela) – Three deadly shootings have taken place in Acapulco this past week, marking a turbulent beginning to Holy Week. Acapulco is one of the most popular tourist destinations for those who seek to spend time on the coast for Holy Week as thousands of visitors flood the streets to receive the blessing of Archbishop Leopoldo González. (El País) However, Acapulco has struggled to maintain their status as the perfect get-away destination amidst rising cartel and criminal group related violence. (El País)

On April 1 at 11:00 in the morning, three women were injured in a shooting that took place beside the Autopista del Sol, in a zone called Los Cocos which is known for selling sweets, handcrafts, and coconuts. (Milenio) One of the victims of the shooting passed away later in the hospital due to fatal injuries sustained from multiple gun wounds; the two other victims are still in the hospital recovering. (El País)

Later that day, another deadly shooting occurred on the Playa Carabali in front of hundreds of tourist beachgoers. (Excélsior) According to local reports, gunshots were heard around 4:45 in the afternoon in the sand strip in front of a local restaurant. (Noticias en la Mira) Once police arrived at the scene, the victim of the shooting had already died after receiving a gunshot to the head, and was found sitting in front of a palm tree. (Noticias en la Mira)

On April 3, another deadly shooting was reported on the beach of Caleta, resulting in the deaths of four people. (Milenio) Around 5:50 in the afternoon four armed men arrived at Caleta beach in a white Volkswagen Jetta. (Milenio) According to witnesses, the men were dressed in bermuda shorts and Hawaiian shirts. (Milenio) After exiting the vehicle, the armed men immediately approached their targets, shooting the victims multiple times. The shooters took advantage of the chaos on the beach to flee the scene of the crime, and were able to escape before police arrived. (Milenio) Originally three deaths were reported, but the number rose to four the following morning, and four other people were also injured from the attack. (Milenio) A few hours after the attack authorities confirmed the arrest of four armed individuals who are currently being held by the Attorney General’s Office. (Noticias en la Mira)

Mexico’s Secretary of Public Security, Evelio Méndez Gómez, stated that violence in Acapulco has increased because of disputes between the armed criminal organizations of los Rusos and the Acapulco Independent Cartel. (El País) Moreover, other small criminal groups are also involved in the fight to control the most prosperous territories of Acapulco for the sale of drugs. (El País) Gómez claims the groups that are the source of violence have already been detected, and the government is working accordingly to deactivate them. (El País) The mayor of Acapulco, Abelina López Rodríguez, has ordered local and state authorities from all special units to provide surveillance on roads, beaches, spas, airport terminals, bus terminals, taxi stands, civic squares, bank branches, and markets to ensure the safety of Acapulco’s citizens and visitors. (Milenio) This heightened state of security will remain in place until the end of Easter break on April 16 and requires a high level of coordination amongst all levels of government. (Milenio) On April 5, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador commented on the rising violence in Acapulco, assuring the public that they can count on the National Guard to maintain security around tourist sites throughout the rest of Easter vacation. (El Sur Acapulco)


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