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Violence continues in Veracruz as 42 bodies found in two days

10/08/11 — In the last few weeks, Veracruz has seen a sharp increase in the number of drug-related killings. Some attribute the violence to the presence of new paramilitary groups who have arrived on the scene, but the government denies these claims, stating that those responsible for the recent deaths are common criminals and suggest they may be working for different cartels.

On October 7, 2011, 10 bodies were discovered in Veracruz, seven of which were disposed of in a pickup truck in Laguna Real, while the other three were found tossed into the street of Colinas de Santa Fe. The day before, on Thursday, October 6, the Mexican Navy (Secretraría de Marina Armada, Semar) found 32 more bodies in Veracruz City in residential homes. The discovery was part of the government’s “Safe Veracruz” campaign launched in Veracruz (see below).

The Jalisco New Generation (Nueva Generación) group appears to be at least partially responsible for this string of killings, which is a relatively new organization that appeared on the scene a few weeks ago, calling themselves the “Mata Zetas” (or “Zeta killers”) and claiming their goal is to wipe out the Zeta cartel, which has terrorized the Veracruz community as it engages in a brutal battle with the Gulf Cartel. The group immediately made itself known as it claimed responsibility for the dumping of 35 bodies on a busy Veracruz freeway in September (click here for more information). With the discovery of the bodies on October 6 and 7, authorities estimate over 90 bodies have been found in Veracruz in the past few weeks alone, although it is unclear exactly how many of those are victims of the Zeta Killers.

The government of Mexico has announced a military crackdown on the drug related violence in Veracruz, initiating a joint police and military effort called “Safe Veracruz,” as previously mentioned. The operation’s aim is to strengthen intelligence capacity and increase reconnaissance by both air and sea. Under this initiative, the Mexican Navy has already brought eight New Generation members into custody. Alfredo “El Capi,” the alleged leader of the New Generation was among those arrested. Despite the government’s efforts, Veracruz’s attorney general, Reynaldo Escobar Pérez, has resigned from his post due to the recent massacres in the area.


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