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Vega Casillas mandates the investigation of migratory agent corruption

Foto: SFP09/07/2010 – Salvador Vega Casillas, Secretary of Mexico’s Federal Ministry of Public Administration (Secretaría de la Función Pública – SFP), has affirmed that various “investigaciones relevantes”  have commenced pertaining to corruption within immigration agencies. In particular, the National Institute of Migration (el Instituto Nacional de Migración – INM) has become a central focus in the irradiation and investigation of corruption, violence, and abuse pertaining to both national and international migrants.

When interviewed following the Second International Forum for Control of Public Works (Segundo Foro Internacional de Control de Obra Pública – FICOP),  Vega Casillas openly advertised that inquiries made within INM were already in process and were specifically focused on investigating irregularities found in illegal transit through the country. Considering the works of FICOP, Vega Casillas has confirmed that goals set in the prior year have been accomplished; separate audits have been counted and legislative changes have been introduced as a preventive measure to check more than one thousand three hundred works within six years.

Regardless of the progress, however, speculation surrounds the commissioner of INM, Cecilla Romero, and the lingering uncertainty of whether or not the Internal Oversight Body (Órgano Interno de Control – OIC) began an investigation in late August with the murder of 72 Central American migrants, which occurred on the 25th in Tamaulipas. Consequently, numerous NGOs (non-government organizations) and opposition parties have demanded the resignation of Romero. However, the commissioner has given no signs of quitting her post. Although Vega Casillas maintains neutral on this decision, he has commented that the investigations pertaining to OIC are being conducted.

The effects of corruption have not only proved to have a violent and deathly outcome, but public works too have become infected. For example, poor roads and buildings with deficiencies in their foundations have become tangible examples of corruption’s power play that isolates wealth. Case in point, over 100 billion pesos in Federal Public Administration (la Administración Pública Federal) that needs investigation.


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