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Unification of the various police agencies underway

Mario Zaldívar Mijares, the Municipal Director of Public Security for the city of Durango, explained that the project unifying municipal police corporations is currently in the modification of municipal laws and regulations stage.

“It’s not a quick thing, it has to be step by step like the modification of the local Constitution … If it passes to be one state corporation they will have to make these changes,” detailed Zaldívar Mijares.

According to El Siglo de Durango, the project was brought forth when Valentín Roman López joined the State Secretariat of Public Security, and requires modifications to the Law of Public Security (Ley de Seguridad Publica) as a first step in order to achieve the unification, a process that implies a homologated salary.

The former Federal Police Commander affirmed the project ‘should work’ and considers it is a good idea as it would create a single criterion and a single organization. He also suggested that the directors of each corporation coordinate directly with the Secretary for operative processes if for some reason the unification of the municipal corporations under the control of the state did not take place.

Zaldívar Mijares said the Municipal Public Security Directorate of Durango has not received a strict order concerning the process of unification and that currently the revision of laws and regulations is being worked on. According to Durango al Día, the unification of the various police agencies should have been prepared last month. The Municipal President, Carlos Matuk López of Nava, explained that there have already been meetings with the Public Security Commission.


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