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U.S. asks congress for 310 million dollars under Merida Initiative

On Monday, the United States Government solicited congress for the allocation of 410 million dollars to Latin America for the fiscal year 2011, starting October 1. The money would be used to support counter-narcotics efforts in Mexico and Central America under the Merida Initiative.

Deputy Secretary of State, Jacob Lew, noted in a press conference that Mexico would receive 310 million dollars and Central America the rest, manifesting the need to advance to the next stage of the Initiative.

“We are working very closely with the Mexican government”, he said, also indicating that there exists efforts to strengthen institutions and law enforcement while supporting activities that improve human rights.

The Mexican Government considers the new budget request of 310 million dollars as a confirmation of U.S. commitment to deepen bilateral cooperation, outlining a new phase oriented less around equipment and more on institutional fortification.


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