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U.S and Mexico Cross-Border Network

Last Tuesday, the United States announced the creation of a bi-national network with México that will be used in areas related law enforcement and public safety. The network will serve as a cross-border communications device with the purpose of strengthening the exchange of data and real-time information amongst authorities in both countries. The agreement, signed my both parties, was framed inside plans of both governments to tackle drug trafficking, armament and money that nourish and fuel drug trafficking and violence in México. The network will cost an estimated $ 7 million to build and will be managed by Homeland Security and the Mexican Secretariat of Public Security.

According to InformationWeek, the agreement was two years in the making before being signed by both countries on September 1st.  The bilateral construction of the network will permit federal, state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies to coordinate answers to incidents, and to cooperate in an extensive range of law enforcement activities by means of new voice, data and video communication. In order to maximize the cyber security of the network the technical architecture will be kept confidential.


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