Justice in Mexico

Two news photographers shot; one dead

09/17/10 – Yesterday evening unidentified gunman shot and killed news photographer, Luís Carlos Santiago Orozco of 21-years-old, and critically wounded photographer Carlos Sánchez. Both men worked for the news agency El Diario of Juárez and were taking a lunch break together at the time of the attack. The attack occurred around 14:35 hours in plane daylight. According to news agency, it occurred at the intersection of Paseo Triunfo de la República and Adolfo López Mateos in the city of Ciudad Juárez at the Rio Grande Mall.

Santiago was in the drivers seat when shot in the head and died at the scene of the attack. His co-worker managed to escape after being shot four times. Both had less then a year working for El Diario of Juárez. According to the online news source Prensa Latina, this is the second killing of a journalist in the past two years in the city of Ciudad Juárez. In November of 2008 Armando Rodríguez Carreón, alias El Choco, a police reporter was murdered.


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