Justice in Mexico

Two massacres in Ciudad Juarez and Tijuana leave 27 dead

10/25/10 – During a birthday party for a teenager from El Paso, TX, a group of armed men disrupted the celebration and opened fire on all guests. In total, 13 were killed meanwhile, another died in the hospital Sunday night; at least 20 others were injured. The criminal group known as Los Aztecas  may be responsible for the massacre. Sources said that the leader of the attackers ordered for everyone to be gunned down but had been looking for one man in particular dubbed “El Raton” (The Rat). The man was injured but managed to escape; authorities are attempting to locate the man to further their investigation.

A second massacre occurred in Tijuana, Baja California where 13 patients in a drug rehabilitation center were killed. It was reported that an unknown group of armed men stormed the center, rounded up the patients in one room and proceeded to shoot them execution-style. The attorney general of Baja California, Rommel Moreno, stated that the shooting may have been prompted by the recent disposal of 134 tons of marijuana that had been confiscated earlier in the week.


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