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Two bodies found inside a Ford Expedition truck with Florida license plates in Michoacán

Two bodies were found late Wednesday night inside a Ford Expedition truck in Morelia, Michoacán. The truck had Florida license plates, though it is unclear what the connection, if any, is between the state and the two men.

One body has been identified as Mauricio Fernández, a custodian for the Social Rehabilitation Center “David Franco Rodríguez” in Morelia. The second man had originally been found in an unidentifiable state but has since been confirmed to have also been a custodian.  Both men appeared to have been tortured and were found blindfolded and with their hands bound. Gunshot wounds were also evident.

One body had a kitchen knife driven in the middle of the chest. A written message was pinned to the body stating that the men failed to comply with an agreement. No further information has been released regarding the incident.


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