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Twenty are kidnapped in Acapulco while on vacation

10/05/10 – A group of twenty men were kidnapped in Acapulco last Thursday evening while vacationing from the neighboring state of Michoacán. Two others traveling with them avoided being kidnapped after separating from the group to find a hotel. As they were walking back to reunite with their friends they noticed that two of them were being forced to board a white truck meanwhile the others were nowhere to be seen.

The investigation to find the missing men has gained momentum as the Mexican Navy and Federal Police have begun working together in an effort to locate them. It is believed that the Familia Michoacana, an active crime group in the area, may be responsible for the kidnapping.

Officials claim that the kidnappers may have confused them as members from a rival crime group. The fact that the men were traveling in four vehicles and not a tourist bus may have led to further confusion. Family members have come to the defense of the men and stated that they have no ties to any criminal organization whatsoever; the men are all carpenters and mechanics who had saved up money for their vacation.


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