Justice in Mexico

Three undocumented immigrants drown in the Río Bravo

Three Guanajuato migrants from the municipal of Juventino Rosa died after attempting to cross the Río Bravo last Saturday. They were trying to cross into the United States when they drowned. According to the online news article Milenio it seems that while crossing the river an “aggressive” pursuit by Border Patrol agents from Texas forced the immigrants to return to Mexico through the river which led to their deaths.

Miguel Márquez, the Secretary for Social Development, reported that once the migrants arrived on American territory they were detected by Border Patrol agents and chased by agents back to the Río Bravo where they died after drowning. However, the Governor Juan Manuel Oliva noted that they were waiting on information from the Consulate in Nuevo Laredo in order to know the circumstances in which the immigrants died. The victims have been identified as Noé Raymundo Chavero Ontiveros, Humberto Roque Reilero, and Alejandro Soria López.


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