Justice in Mexico

Three undocumented Honduran migrants murdered in Tabasco

08/10/10 – Last night, a group of at least three men attacked a group of Central American migrants camping near the railroad tracks while waiting for the train that would take them north, in the community of Buenavista Apasco, of the Macuspana municipality, Tabasco. The individuals killed three of the Hondurans, including a woman whom they violated. According to the testimony of Elkin Donaldo Padilla Flores, one of the undocumented migrants that survived the attack, the aggressors attacked them, tied their feet and hands, and robbed them of their money.

He also noted that one of the aggressors took the woman, stripped her of her cloth and violated her, after which he banged her head against the railway until killing her. According to the autopsy the woman died due to head injury. The other two victims died from strangulation and blows to the body by a blunt force object.  According to credentials found at murder scene, two of the victims went by the names Kenia Carolina Galeas Gómez and José Antonio Calderón Orellana.

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