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Thirty-one police in Hidalgo detained for alleged connections to drug traffickers

Mexican federal authorities detained 31 law enforcement officials in the state of Hidalgo during a massive operation. Nearly 400 Mexican federal agents were involved in the sweep on September 14. Of those detained, 23 were municipal police, six worked for state forces, and two were part of a recently created metropolitan force that operates in the capital of Hidalgo and outlying areas, according to La Jornada. The latest detentions come on the heels of a similar sweep in June that rounded up 92 Hidalgo law enforcement officials. According to news reports, they are all suspected of collaborating with the criminal group known as Los Zetas, which has operated as an enforcement arm for the Gulf Cartel.


Mendez, Alfredo. “A prision, 124 policias de Hidalgo porpresuntosvinculos con Los Zetas.” La Jornada September 15, 2009.

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