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12 violent homicides for every 100,000 residents in México


11/11/10 – In the Bloomberg México 2010 Economic Forum, the Secretary of the Interior (Secretario de Gobernación), Francisco Blake Mora, reported that there are 12 violent homicides registered for every 100,000 residents in México. While participating in the roundtable titled “Governability and war against drug trafficking,” Mora noted that in other countries such as Colombia, the homicide rate per resident is 30, and that in some Central American countries it reaches 40. Recalling figures of seizures made in 2010 Mora said that México must fight organized crime in order to diminish it. He was cited by El Universal as saying, “in cocaine, México has secured more than 100 tons; in marijuana, more than 100, 523 tons; in psychotropics, more than 60.7 million units; more than 90,000 arms, many from U.S. manufacturing companies, of which 80% were long guns.” Mora also stated that the federal government’s formula for ensuring public safety is to weaken organized crime while at the same time strengthening the organizations that are in charge of public security.


Mejía, José Gerardo. “En México, 12 asesinatos por cada 100 mil habitants.” El Universal. 10 Noviembre, 2010.

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