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The mayor of Sabinas Hidalgo, NL, survives a grenade attack at his residence

10/12/10 – The mayor of the Sabinas Hidalgo, Nuevo Léon, survived an attempted assassination this past Monday evening. At around 8:30pm local time an unknown assailant threw a grenade into the home of Raúl Mireles Garza. The grenade landed at the front entrance of Garza’s residence and caused damages to nearby structures and vehicles. An officer on duty guarding Garza’s home was injured as well.

Raúl Garza stated to the press that he had received “no threats, [and] no warnings” prior to the attack. Garza mentioned that he will seek to meet with the Secretary General of the Government and Secretary of Public Security this Tuesday. Media outlet El Universal has reported that this attack is the third of its kind to take place in Sabinas Hidalgo in the last few months. Previous attacks were carried out against buildings occupied by local municipal police and the Federal Attorney General of México.


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