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The leader of Los Zetas of Cancún captured

On Saturday the 27, military intelligence officials detained the leader of Los Zetas of Cancún, Erick Alejandro Martínez Lopez, alias el Motokles, at the Mexico City airport. The National Defense Secretariat (La Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional – Sedena) did not specify how he was captured but stated  that military personal captured him “when he tried to go to Cancún.”

According to Sedena, El Motokles has been part of the “Cárdenas Guillén” organization since August of 2003 as part of the criminal cell of Luis Enrique Reyes, alias El Rex, who was detained by the military in 2007 while considered the second most important individual in the group Los Zetas, and one of the closest drug dealers to Osiel Cárdenas Guillén.

Martinez López led Los Zetas in Jalapa, Chetumal, and Quintana Roo, receiving direct orders from Iván Velazquez Caballero, alias El Talibán. According to Milenio, he was also one of the pioneers in the human trafficking of undocumented Cubans, Chinese, and Central Americans under Caballero’s orders. In actual time he controlled drug trafficking, money laundering, kidnapping, extortion, and human trafficking in Cancún, Playa de Carmen, and el Chetumal, informed Sedena.

His detention allowed soldiers to occupy his two houses in Cancún and seize two kilos of cocaine (in brick), 574 doses of cocaine and 270 of marijuana; 12 AR-15 rifles and AK-47, a 5.56 caliber rifle, a Colt 45 pistol, 143 rounds of various cartridges, 24 magazines of different calibers and bullet-proof vests; 330 thousand pesos, 5 thousand 850 dollars and 85 Canadian dollars.


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