Crime and Violence

The Drug Business Offers What Society Does Not

From Édgar Ávila of the newspaper, El Universal, is an article summarizing comments made by officials in the signing of the “Boca del Rio” commitment letter, a collaborative effort to fight crime. According to the general coordinator of the Intelligence for the Prevention of Crime of the Federal Police (PF), Luis Cardenas Palomino, organized crime has offered work and opportunities that neither society nor authorities have been able to give. This statement was made on Tuesday November 10th at the national Citizenship congress and media: Joint Action. The official claimed that the “most serious thing” is that crime has offered an opportunity for social revenge. “The followers of crime find a sense of identity and dignity not found elsewhere,” he added.

Cárdenas Palomino participated and affirmed that drug trafficking organizations, like Los Zetas and La Familia, give better job offers and also take advantage of the areas of impunity. Also present at the congress was the Attorney General of the Republic, Arturo Chávez Chávez, who said that if anti-crime strategies fail, it’s necessary to propose functional and organic alternatives, including legislative changes that achieve results. He declared that, “the most indispensable part in the fight against crime is the task of the State authorities.”

At the end of the meeting, federal authorities, states, civil organizations, and the media issued the commitment letter, “Boca del Rio”, to close areas off from crime. The letter consisted of 20 commitments to promote the culture of legality, stop the glorification or admiration of criminals, and to promote values. It seeks to protect journalists and their families and points out shortcomings of the authorities in fighting crime.


Ávila, Édgar. “El narco ofrece lo que la sociedad no da: SSP.” El Universal, November 11, 2009

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