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The CIDH Urges for the Investigation of Assassinated Journalist

According to La Jornada, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights condemned the assassination of journalist, José Bladimir Antuna García, writer for the newspaper, Tiempo de Durango. The commission called on Mexican authorities to protect journalists and combat impunity. Antuna Garcia, who specializes in investigations of corruption and organized crime, was kidnapped without any intention of potential rescue and then murdered on Monday in Durango.

The journalist had received death threats for conducting investigations on corruption and organized crime and his house was attacked with firearms in April, according to the CIDH statement. The commission urged the Mexican government to “implement adequate mechanisms to protect journalists at risk in the entire territory” and to adopt “effective measures to combat impunity for crimes.”

Among those measures, it highlighted the strengthening of the Special Attorney for the Attention of Crimes Committed Against Journalists, the federalization of crimes against journalists and the implementation of permanent mechanisms of specialized protection.


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