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Tabasco legislators plan new public security law for 2010

Tabasco’s state government has announced that a bill will move through congress by the end of the year that will revamp the state’s public security law in accordance with the new national general public security law. Miguel Alberto Romero Pérez, the governor’s legal advisor, told the Heraldo de Tabasco that the law will strengthen the application of justice in the state by establishing standardized communication systems between police forces of all levels, and implementing a universal training program for police recruits in adhering to the national mandate for a unified police model nationwide.

Romero added that the new public security law will work in concert with efforts to reform the criminal justice system as mandated by constitutional reforms passed by Mexico’s congress in the spring of 2008 that seek to professionalize national, state, and local police forces and implement an accusatory justice system.

In announcing the imminent reforms, Tabasco plans to be one of the first states to conform to the national police reform mandate announced by President Calderón earlier this summer, much like Chihuahua, Nuevo León, and Oaxaca which are also frontrunners in the arena of criminal justice reform.


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