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Sixth mass grave found in Veracruz in 2014

Photo: Justice in Mexico.
Photo: Justice in Mexico.

11/13/14 (written by mrangel) — On Wednesday, November 5, a mass grave containing seven bodies was found in Pueblo Viejo, Veracruz, near the border with Tamaulipas. The discovery was made after an anonymous caller tipped authorities off to the clandestine grave, but news of which did not surface until five days later when authorities went public on November 10. The Attorney General’s Office (Procurdaría General de Justicia del Estado, PGJE) is overseeing the investigation to exhume and identify the bodies, which, authorities noted, showed signs of violence and torture. The investigations continue, as the PGJE noted that “nothing is confirmed” to this point, and that the victims have still not been identified.

Despite the ongoing investigation, according to Proceso, within the PGJE there exists a “veto” attitude when it comes to discussing mass graves (narcofosas), or a reluctance to speak of and acknowledge their existence. Since Veracruz Governor Javier Duarte de Ochoa took office in 2010, more than nine mass graves have been found in Veracruz alone, the majority in the southern part of the state. The state government, however, has only acknowledged two of those graves. This is also the sixth grave found in Veracruz in 2014, coming just one month after a grave containing two bodies was found in Tathuicapan in September; another three bodies in Agua Dulce in August; eight more bodies in Paraíso Novillero in July; 31 bodies found scattered throughout 12 graves in Tres Valles in June, which was the only of the graves discovered in 2014 acknowledged by the government; and two bodies located in Carlos A. Carrillo in January.

The discovery of mass graves has become a more common occurrence in recent years, not just in Veracruz, but also throughout Mexico. Authorities have suggested that this grave, similar to previous ones discovered, is likely connected to the violence of competing drug cartels in the area, particularly the Zetas and Gulf Cartel (Cártel del Golfo).


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