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Six heavily armed individuals captured without firing a shot

Early Monday morning, six heavily armed men were arrested and detained in
Tototlán, Jalisco. An anonymous tip led state police [Elementos de la Policía estatal] to where the six individuals were located.

The group of men were reportedly questioning, threatening, and beating local residents of the area.

According to Luis Carlos Nájera Gutiérrez de Velasco, Secretary of Public Safety Entity [secretario de seguridad pública de la entidad], the amount of firepower the men had was surprising and among some of the more dangerous the agency has ever collected. The weapons confiscated include one AR-15 rifle; five AK-47 rifles equipped with grenade launchers; one Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle; and five pistols of different calibers.

No shots were fired during the operation. It is believed that they are a part of a larger criminal group; state police will continue the search in an attempt to capture and detain more individuals.


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