Justice in Mexico

Seventeen members of Gulf Cartel were detained in Tamaulipas

10/05/10 – The Mexican Navy captured seventeen members from the Cartel del Golfo and seized an arsenal that belonged to the presumed criminals. It is reported that at least six of the captured individuals worked for local police.

The discovery of the arsenal prompted the navy to seize 42 vehicles, 125 camouflage uniforms, at least 40 weapons of high-caliber, over 100,000 ammunition, and six grenades. Other items seized included ten bulletproof helmets, five bulletproof vests, 31 cellphones, and 20 walkie-talkies.

The names of the arrested are listed below:

–       Ángel de Jesús Gámez Meza

–       Oscar Mendoza Rodríguez

–       Oscar Ramírez Rubio

–       Marcos Méndez González

–       Luis Barriento González

–       Antonio Morales Reyes

–       Rafael Rodríguez Olvera

–       Israel Barrón García

–       Juan Uriel Guerrero Abundis

–       Francisco Zuñiga Salas

–       Gonzálo Alvarado Márquez

–       Heriberto Mendoza Arvizu

–       Mario Garza Burgoin

–       Leonel Zúñiga González

–       José Alfredo Cavazos Montoya

–       Ruperto Ordoñez de León

–       Jesús Rodríguez Piñeiro


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