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Seven members of Los Zetas are arrested in Tlaxcala

08/05/10 – Seven people associated with the Los Zetas cartel were arrested Wednesday afternoon while they drove without a license plate in the state of Tlaxcala. The individuals initially attempted to flee after being asked to pull over but  were caught after being chased a few kilometers. Both vehicles were registered in the state of Puebla.

Among the seven arrested, three of them were men. Jonathan “ el Commandante Franky” Hernández Pérez, 26, is believed to be a leading figure in Los Zetas; his duties included planning kidnappings and murders in the state of Tlaxcala as well as distributing drugs in the state of Puebla. The other two were Joaquín “el Güero” Martínez Hernández, 34, and Ricardo “el Gordo” Reyes García, 30. Both are reported as having being informants for Los Zetas.

The four women were Laura “la Gorda” Medina Hernández, 20; Fulvia Carolina Cruz Hernández, 19; Rocio González Pichardo, 24, and Micaela Ortiz Gayosso, 26.

After searching the two vehicles, police found 96 small bags of cocaine, five handguns, one AK-47 rifle, 15 ammunition cartridges, 18 cell phones, cash, and clothing.


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