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Seven have been arrested in the murder case of Cavazos Leal

08/20/10 – Seven people have been detained for participating in the recent murder of Edelmiro Cavazos Leal. The now former mayor of Santiago, Nuevo Leon, was kidnapped outside his home this past Sunday night. Leal’s colleagues were unable to locate him the following morning and notified police of his absence. His body was found two days later in a secluded area of the city.

Out of the seven arrested, five are a part of the local police and another is a transit official. One of the police agents was an assigned bodyguard for Cavazos who was also kidnapped but later released. The names of the seven individuals are Homero López Silva, Mónica Martínez, Antonio Rodríguez Gallardo, José Alberto Rodríguez Rodríguez, Mauricio Roberto Mayorga, José Javier García Martínez, and Eduardo Caballero Chapa.

The participants reportedly confessed to having committed the crime and were promised payments for their actions by an unspecified criminal organization.


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