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Seven family members are executed in Jalisco

Seven men, all related to each other, were killed execution-style near Jalisco, Cihuatlán. The seven men were at a family gathering when they were approached by at least 15 armed men and were ordered to board the family’s own vehicle that had been stolen by the gunmen. The men were then taken some 200 meters away where they were shot and killed. The Institute of Forensic Sciences in Jalisco (Instituto Jalisciense de Ciencias Forenses – IJCF) investigated the scene and found casings belonging to the rifles AR-15 and AK-47.

Among the dead are two elderly brothers, Luis Madrigal and Juan Madrigal Virrueta. Four others, also brothers and sons of Luis Madrigal, are Héctor Madrigal, José Luis Madrigal, Ezequiel Madrigal and Antonio Madrigal Guillén. The seventh victim, Santiago Madrigal Esparza, was also killed but not found among the first six.

The family is believed to have used their ranch for the planting and distributing of marijuana throughout the coast of Jalisco.


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