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Mayoral delegate of El Porvenir, killed

10/19/10 – Rito Grado Serrano, the mayoral delegate (alcalde seccional) of El Porvenir, locality of Práxedis, Chihuahua, was killed Saturday night along with his son, in a house in the neighborhood of Tierra Nueva. A mayoral delegate is a non-elected official who serves the function of representing the elected mayor of a municipality in a given district or locale.

The killing was registered to have happened at 21:30 hours when an armed commando entered the house in which the men were in and shot them to death. At the scene, over sixty shots were fired, including 22-shell casings found from an AK-47.

According to the online news source, El Universal, Grado Serrano had denounced the operations of criminal organizations on several occasions and was forced to move his residence after receiving death threats. In June of 2009, he had met with a committee of local representatives, to which he made known the climate of violence that was lived in that region.


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