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Reforms to education system to be voted on this week

12/08/10 – The Commission of Constitutional Points of the Chamber of Deputies (Comisión de Puntos Constitucionales de la Cámara de Diputados) in Mexico approved, by a majority vote, reforms to articles 3 and 31 of the constitution, in order to make post-secondary education mandatory and ensure a quality education with greater coverage across the country. The reform passed with 16 votes in favor and three abstentions by the National Action Party (Partido Acción Nacional – PAN).

Juventino Castro, the president of the commission, celebrated the approval because it would establishes free education and a criminal deterrence for youth. Castro commented that the country demands a better quality education with a curriculum that is unified at a national level, and that “this reform represents a major achievement for Mexicans.”

Those who approve of the reform argue that a guaranteed education would address serious issues such as the “ninis,” young adults that neither work nor go to school, and kids that are hired to kill.  The reforms must first be presented to the plenary session this week for voting and if passed they will be sent to the Senate for voting.


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