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Recent images and a letter written by Diego Fernández appear 75 days after his kidnapping

The high-profile kidnapping case of Diego “el Jefe” Fernández de Cevallos has resurfaced in the media after new images and a letter, addressed to his sons, were posted on Twitter by a Mexican journalist this past Monday. Relatives of Diego Fernández have confirmed that the image is him.  The picture shows him blindfolded, not wearing a shirt, and holding a magazine with his picture on the front page. The letter was handwritten by him and suggests that he has lost significant weight and is fatigued.

In the letter, Diego Fernández pleads to his sons to pay the ransom that the kidnappers are asking for in order to set him free. He stated that the criminals are willing to wait as long as they need to in order to be paid, but he does not know how much longer he can wait.

Diego Fernández de Cevallos is an ex-senator and ex-candidate for the presidency. He was kidnapped from his ranch in the state Querétaro 75 days ago on May 14. Information regarding who may have kidnapped him is still unclear. Following the kidnapping, Diego Fernández’ family asked the federal Attorney General’s Office (Procuraduría General de la República – PGR) to cease any ongoing investigation of the case.


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