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President Calderon visits Juarez after massacre

On Monday, in the aftermath of last week’s massacre, President Felipe Calderon offered his “sincere condolences” to the families of those teenagers who were killed on the 31st of January while they celebrated a birthday. He retracted his previous statement, made in a press conference in Tokyo, indicating that the teenagers were part of a rival gang. He apologized for having offended the memory of the deceased teenagers, stating that they were good students, sons and daughters.

When referring to actions the government would take in the presence of the insecurity lived in Juarez, Calderon said broader measures are necessary, that police incursions and military presence does not suffice. He said that actions that are social by nature are needed and that the city needs better alternative to health, addiction treatment and needs to recompose its public spaces, as well as educative strategic plans, among other measures.

These measures would take place within the “juarenses” community itself; with the voice of civic organizations, human right organizations, companies, and the media that lead to concrete commitments. He highlighted the communal responsibility that the people of Ciudad Juarez share. Emphasizing that tragic events “hurt all of Mexico”.


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