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President Calderón Proposes Two New Initiatives to Battle Organized Crime

04/18/11 – President Calderón has urged legislators to analyze and enrich his two new initiatives regarding security in Mexico. These initiatives, which were presented last week, are designed to further reinforce the battle against organized crime and impunity. Calderón hopes that with these initiatives, the states will have better legal tools to combat organized crime in a more efficient manner.

Calderón submitted a reform initiative to the Senate against criminal networks and criminal liability of legal persons. This bill seeks to punish individuals who may not have directly committed a crime, yet are somehow affiliated to a criminal organization and have indirectly played a role in a crime that was committed. According to Mexican newspaper Milenio, under this reform, criminal liability will be established for people who facilitate, advise or provide information or cooperation of any kind that is suitable for another person to commit or resolve to commit a crime.

The second initiative, which was presented to the Chamber of Deputies, would create a Federal Law of Prison Systems and Enforcement of Penalties (Ley Federal del Sistema Penitenciario y de Ejecución de Sanciones). This initiative also calls to reform the Organic Law on the Judiciary of the Federation (Ley Orgánica del Poder Judicial de la Federación) by establishing legal framework for the Federal Prison System, the administration of pretrial detention, and special monitoring arrangements. It also considers the creation of a new rehabilitation system that will apply initial assessment procedures, classification, interdisciplinary technical care, monitoring and upgrading, and reinsertion programs for early release and parole proceedings. Additionally it proposes the establishment of the Professional Development Penitentiary, which will create a platform for information technology and security.


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