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President Calderon Proposes New Initiatives to Fight Corruption

03/11/11 -Calderón proposed two new laws that will not only punish individuals involved in corrupt acts, but will also reward those who report cases of corruption.  The “Ley Federal Anticorrupción en Contrataciones Públicas” (Federal Law on Anticorruption Regarding Public Contracts) and revisions made to the “Ley Federal de Responsabilidades Administrativas de los Servidores Públicos” (Federal Law of Administrative Responsibilities of Public Servants) are the two laws that will provide updated guidelines as to how corrupt officials should be punished and how individuals who report such acts should be rewarded. Mexican laws have traditionally punished authorities that commit such acts, but now Calderón has decided to focus on punishing the businesses that motivate such behaviors in the first place.

Calderón indicated that a business or individual that engages in a contract made in an “irregular manner” can possibly be fined up to 30% of the value of that illegal contract.  These same violators will be forbidden from engaging in public contracts for a period of up to 8 years.  The government will be obligated to follow a clear set of procedures that provide protection for the individuals who report fraud.  A system of economic incentives and recognition will be created to reward those that contribute to identifying corrupt officials and acts.  This initiative is the first of its kind to authorize the three branches of government, the Federal Electoral Institute, the National Commission of Human Rights, and the Bank of Mexico, among other institutions, to review and conduct investigations in these types of cases, as well as have the ability to impose sanctions against such criminals.


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