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President Calderón Announces Internet Access to Certain Court Cases

08/26/11 — On Wednesday August 24, President Calderón announced that certain legal cases will soon be processed and available over the internet. All civil, tax, and administrative cases will theoretically be handled from start to finish utilizing this new system, which is said to be one of many upcoming reforms to the legal system intended to increase citizens access to justice. By making this option available, cases that would have normally taken up to two years to process are projected to be handled in as little as nine months. The process will begin by having those filing or accessing claims register with the Federal Court of Fiscal and Administrative Justice (Tribunal Federal de Justicia Fiscal y Administrativa, TFJFA). Interested parties will receive an access code that will then direct them to a form that will capture information both on the claimant and the case they are presenting to the courts. Information about the registration process is available at and

In support of this initiative, President Calderón argued that the reform will allow quick and expedited access to justice, claiming that “for too long, going to the judicial system has represented the loss, not just of hours, days, months, and years, but the indignation of not receiving the fair treatment one deserves, the voluntary suffering or involuntary humiliation, and the abuse.” The courts hope to process between 90,000 and 300,000 cases a year once the site is fully functional. Officials have not released a time frame yet for when they project it to be capable of handling such a heavy volume.


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