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Possible participants of the car bombing in Ciudad Juárez are detained

08/13/10 – Five people with close ties to the criminal organization Cartel del Golfo were detained in Ciudad Juárez on Thursday. The men are accused of extortion, abductions and murders. They may have also been participants in the car bombing that rocked the Ciudad Juárez this past July.

The names of the men are Noé Fuentes Chavira, Rogelio Amaya Martínez, Víctor Manuel Martínez Rentería, Gustavo Martínez Rentería, and Ricardo Fernández Lomelí. They belong to the crime group, known as La Linea, which is considered to be the armed wing for the Cartel del Golfo.

Noé Fuentes confessed to have participated in the car bombing in Juárez on July 15 in which three people were killed; it is still unconfirmed if the other four did take part in the attack. Among other crimes the group may have committed, they are believed to have also killed three federal agents in the beginning of August.


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