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Police Undergo Drug-Testing

02/21/11— About 200 officers of the Municipal Police of Guadalupe will be drug-tested today as part of the “permanent cleansing” of the corporation. The Guadalupe police currently has around 550 officers and all of the remaining 350 policemen will be drug-tested as well. The drug-testing came about after two officers were found spying on the military and reporting its actions to organized crime groups. It is also noted that all men in uniform in the Monterrey area are forbidden to use Nextel phones or mobil devices of any kind.

The drug-testing of all police officers is one of the first steps of accountability that local forms of government have taken to not only combat corruption, but to make sure that their officers are not participating in hypocritical actions by partaking in the same actions that the police force is against.


Cedillo, Juan. “Someten a antidoping a policias de Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon.” El Universal. 21 de Febrero, 2011.

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