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‘Narcolists’ lead to the arrest of 37 Policemen in Monterrey

Elements of the Army, the Federal Police and the State Agency of Investigation  arrested at least 37 police officers yesterday from four corporations in the state for allegedly appearing on a narcolista seized in a recent federal actions.

The arrested were police officers from Apodaca, Monterrey, San Nicolas and 7 state police elements .

Even though they are suspected of having ties to drug trafficking, at least 29 of them were made available to the public prosecutor indicating they will be under state or local jurisdiction.

The operation began about 8:30 am when different groups of state and federal forces arrived at the Public Security Secretariat of Monterrey, San Nicolas and Apodaca, as well as the headquarters of the State Public Security in Colonia Moderna.

This deployment ended between 12:00 and 13:30 hours, and although there was no official identification of those arrested, it transpired that the 29 were arrested.

At night, the operation continued with the shift change at corporations: at 19:00, with the shift change of the Apodaca police four more soldiers were detained, including one woman.

In St. Nicholas, it was revealed that the military reviewed all arms of the corporation and took several to inspect them. At night, they also arrested four other elements.

At a press conferencethe morning after the operation, the State Attorney, Luis Carlos Treviño Berchelmann, said that 29 of the officers had been issued a subpoena.

These actions, he explained, were caused by  recent searches carried out by the Army in which police found lists of assets allegedly involved with organized crime.

Based on the lists, said Trevino, the PGR has began an investigation in whichthe Attorney and the State Secretary of Public Security allegedly also took part .

“In a joint action and collaboration,” said the attorney, “these people have been interrogated by army personnel and the State Attorney to proceed with these investigations.”

This morning at the Monterrey, Apodaca, and San Nicolas, Nuevo Leon, police headquarters the army arrested at least 17 police officers. They were then transferred to the Seventh Military Zone.

Ten of those arrested are from the Municipal Police and the seven other Apodaca Monterrey. The figure could rise, as the operation in San Nicolas.

Military deployment began about 8:30 am simultaneously in the three municipal police forces.

In a communique, the state government reported that the military action uncovered lists containing names of active police officers allegedly involved in organized crime activities.

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