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One police agent is killed in chase; atleast five more are injured

In the state of Querétaro, one agent was killed from an exchange of gunfire during a late night chase. The incident occurred around 1:00am local time when agents from the Crime Investigation Department (Dirección de Investigación del Delito – DID) began to investigate a suspicious vehicle in which the men were inside. As the agents approached the vehicle, the driver sped away while the passengers shot at the officers. There were two vehicles in the chase; after nearly two hours, one vehicle that carried six gunmen was captured. The second vehicle was able to get away. Conflicting reports suggest that at least five officers were injured.

The Attorney General for the state of Querétaro, Arsenio Becerra, confirmed that Juan Carlos Cabrera Ruiz, an agent from the Crime Investigation Department, died from his injuries prior to receiving medical attention. The other officers were transported to the nearest hospital meanwhile one injured gunman was treated prior to being officially detained.

Becerra stated that an investigation of the recent murder of a businessman earlier this month led the agents to the vehicle. The gunmen also have ties to the Mexican drug cartel La Familia (The Family).


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