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OECD Provides New Statistics on Development in Mexico

05/26/11 – The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has recently celebrated its 50th Anniversary and has released research in its study “Economic Panorama in Mexico” (Panorama Económico para México) indicating that economic conditions in Mexico are improving. According to El Economista, these statistics predict that Mexico’s GDP will increase this year by 4.4% instead of 3.5%, which is what the OECD anticipated last November of 2010. The GDP is expected to grow by 3.8% in 2012. One of the intentions of the study was to pressure the Mexican government to enact tax reforms, which are intended to ensure this pattern of increase. Such reforms are also expected to strengthen other areas, like infrastructure and education.

However, the OECD’s Human Development Index (HDI), which measures well-being, shows that Mexico, along with Chile and Turkey, has one of the lowest HDI ratings. News source Grupo Formula explained how this index score is based not on GDP, but rather on 11 categories used to describe well-being. These categories include housing, income, employment, community, education, environment, health, satisfaction of way of life, governmental effectiveness, security, and balance between life and work. Similar to the OECD’s economic study, one of the HDI’s purposes is to bring attention to the countries with poor well-being ratings with the hope of creating reform in these areas.


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