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Obama signs bill to spend $600 million to reinforce the southwest border

08/13/10 – President Barack Obama signed a bill that will reinforce and re-equip agents on the border that separates the United States and México; the total cost will amount to $600 million.

According to a statement released by the White House, the $600 million is intended “to enhance technology at the border, share information and support with state, local, and tribal law enforcement, and increase presence and law enforcement activities at the border.” Improvements include new radio equipment, aerial technology, and over a thousand more agents at the border.

Following the passing of the bill by Congress, Obama released a statement of approval, “The resources made available through this legislation will build upon our successful efforts to protect communities along the Southwest border and across the country.”

This past May, Obama promised to send over a thousand National Guard troops to the southwest border in an effort to deter illegal immigration and drug smuggling. The initial waves of troops have been arriving at the border since the beginning of August. The bill signed today has no direct ties to Obama’s decision back in May.


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