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Oaxaca seeks transparent campaigns

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Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, Oaxaca’s Governor, said he would take great care that the selection of candidates his party makes for governor, delegation and the municipal presidencies in 2010, does not get involved in criminal activity. He affirmed that there where tools already in place in order to verify that there is no “dirty money” financing the campaigns. However, along with President Calderon, he recognized that there are dependencies that have reported links with delinquency and have been subject to criminal prosecution, arguing that there is evidence of trails and indictments done in the past couple months, referring to the Michoacán case, were it was found that drug trafficking had not only pressured economically, but also incurred bribery with authorities from the simplest levels to the highest, and more direct with the population

Ruiz clarified that in 2010, Oaxaca will not be Michoacán, giving his word that there will be special emphasis on avoiding criminal infiltration in the electoral process. On the other hand the president of the General Council of the Federal Electoral Institute of Oaxaca, José Luis Echeverría, said that they already count on a special internal control auditing body, in order to regulate expenses by the parties and their candidates in both the campaigns and the primary campaigns. He also admitted that the election for Governor of Oaxaca will be armed with necessary mechanisms that will guarantee transparency and equity.



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