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Numerous Mexican Police Detained With Ties to Organized Crime

03/10/11— Mexican police officers have been detained with accusations of being in conjunction with organized crime groups throughout Mexico, including regions such as Mexicali, the State of Mexico, and Oaxaca.

In the State of Mexico (EDOMEX), 2 officers (one judicial and one municipal) were arrested along with the godmother of the judicial officer in Zinacantepec. The three individuals were caught when they attempted to collect the ransom for an “express kidnapping,” although the suspects claimed this accusation was false and that they were really tending to a person driving a stolen vehicle. The realization that the state police had caught them in the act caused the three suspects along with the Xonacatlan police to open fire on the State of Mexico police. The battle lasted about ten minutes until the judicial officer was injured, forcing them to surrender. The arrest took place in front of a furniture store on Avenida Zinacantepec.

In Mexicali, three municipal officers were arrested for suspected complicity with organized crime, more specifically the Sinoloa Cartel. Three of the suspected officers are still on the run, while eight were arrested for the possession of cocaine. The men became suspects from information gathered from the detention of 7 other members of the police force who were arrested for possession of marijuana and who leaked information. The detained men have been identified as Jesus Alberto Carrillo Castro, Fabricio Garcia Castillo, Ejido Carranza, Ramirez Gilberto Mosqueda, and three officers are fugitives, one of them with the last name Sánchez Maya. Marco Carillo Maza, director of Mexicali Public Safety, said that since March 1st, the support of the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) and the Directorate of Municipal Public Security has made the arrests possible.

In Oaxaca, two police officers of the State Agency for Investigation of Police of the State of Oaxaca were arrested for extortion in the town of Matias Romero. The two officers have been identified as Leonardo Soto and Anselmo Lopez Toledo Cruz. They were arrested by members of the Joint Operating Base (BOM) in the moment when they were conducting the act of extortion. They are accused of having extorted over ten thousand dollars.


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