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NSJP Implementation in Baja California sees success while facing obstacles

07/27/11 – In Mexicali, Baja California, critics argue that State Prosecutor (Procurador del Estado) Rommel Moreno Manjarréz faces multiple challenges in implementing the state’s new criminal justice system (Nuevo Sistema de Justicia Penal, NSJP) while celebrating the reduction of specific crimes under the new system. Challenges cited include a lack of training for state officials and lawyers in a variety of positions associated with the NSJP, and inefficiencies of the system in combating certain types of crime. Speaking at a breakfast for members of the bar, State Bar Association president Orendain Ramírez called the system “almost perfect,” yet he noted the need for more preparation, according to La Crónica. Moreno Manjarréz stated the remaining aspects of the NSJP were to be in place within 300 days and called for errors in the system to be fixed with a balance of civil society representatives and officials working together.

While some local business owners decry aspects of the NSJP that see certain crimes go unpunished, many see a reduction in high impact crime in the state. Juan José Alonso Llera, coordinator of the Citizen Networks and Business Liaison Office of the Attorney General of the State (Redes Ciudadanas y Enlace Empresarial de la Procuraduría General de Justicia del Estado, PGJE), in a recent forum in Monterrey, Nuevo León, linked a reduction in crime to the success of implementing the NSJP in Baja California. At the same forum, Baja California was touted as a model for other states and the PGJE coordinator articulated that the NSJP has been successful based on three aspects: politics, an organized civil society, and specific attacks on high-impact crime. Alonso Llera added that the new system makes for better use of state resources. Moreno Manjarréz was also in attendance at the forum.


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