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New Statistical Method Implemented in Guanajuato Judicial System

07/26/11- The Department of Probability and Statistics Mathematics Research Center (Departamento de Probabilidad y Estadística del Centro de Investigación en Matemáticas, CIMAT) unveiled a new statistical method to be used in the Guanajuato judicial system. Miguel Nakamura Savoy, coordinator of CIMAT’s Department of Probability and Statistics (Departamento de Probabilidad y Estadística), explained how the new mathematical simulation method uses a probability model that will ensure better administration and enforcement in the state’s judicial branch, including the strategic use of courts and judges, the estimation of trial length, and the anticipation of potential time-wasting problems in court cases. The use of the method will provide a better service to society by maximizing public resources, said Nakamura Savoy.

Hinting at widespread use, Nakamura Savoy called the implementation of the new mathematical model a way to deliver justice more efficiently throughout Mexico, however, the program will first be piloted in Guanajuato. CIMAT, a mathematical think-tank and academic institution dedicated to research, is located in Guanajuato and often partners with the local government on research projects. Nakamura Savoy said the research model maps the trial process in four stages, from investigation to the intermediate phase to oral trials and finally to sentencing. Judicial authorities in Guanajuato will use the system to help make decisions in meeting demands in the oral trial stage of the local courts.


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