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New model for unified police force presented

12/10/10 – Last month the federal Secretariat of Public Security (Secretaría de Seguridad Pública –SSP), presented the new model for the unified state police force (Mando Unico) which will have a baseline level of 422 elements, divided into four stages of analysis, investigation, operations and territorial deployment. The model includes 30 analysts, 100 researchers, 270 operatives, and 22 middle managers with an estimated cost of 4,430,000 thousand pesos (USD 355,537) in monthly wages.

According to the SSP, training of senior officers would be carried out by the federal Secretariat of Public Security in collaboration with the FBI, the Colombian Government, Spain, and Canada. Middle-ranking officers would be trained by the Superior Academy of San Luis Potosí (Academia Superior de San Luis Potosí), and the Secretariat of National Defense (Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional).

The text of the police unification bill can be accessed at this link.


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