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New Chairman of the CNDH, Plascencia Villanueva, Makes Statement on his Strategy

According to La Reforma, on November 10, Raúl Plascencia Villanueva produced protest in the Senate as the new Chairman of the National Commission of Human Rights (CNDH) for the period from November 16 of this year to  November 15 2014. At the press conference, the new national ombudsman highlighted that he will greatly work “hand in hand with society, with the people who face abuses of power.” He stated that from day one he will look “for non-governmental organizations to assume the subject of human rights as a shared commitment to society, public institutions, and the National Human Rights Commission.”

Plascencia Villanueva – who will assume his functions the 17 of November- stated that, in this new stage of service, “the institution shall be geared to help those who do not have a voice and are unheard and for those who do not have the resources to be heard before the abuse of authority.” He said that 20 years after the creation of the National Human Rights Commission, it is important that the Senate can provide checks and balances so that those public servants that do not accept or comply with a recommendation will be called to account, including, political or legal liability.

The new holder of the CNDH also stressed that with regard to budgetary management of the institution, he will seek absolute transparency. Today, the budget that is spent per capita for the defense of human rights is equivalent to eight pesos.

Interrogated on what will be the first actions carried out as ombudsman, he said that, “without a doubt, the issue is public security. From the first day I will look for channels of communication and dialogue with the authorities responsible for ensuring justice to not only stop the perpetrators of criminal acts and exceed the level of inefficiency of which 98 percent of crimes go unpunished, but also progress in terms of greater prevention.”

Plascencia Villanueva  was also asked if he would invite some of the candidates, such Emilio Álvarez Icaza, to chair the CNDH. He stated that he had been in contact with Luis Raúl González Pérez who he highly complemented and hoped to talk with soon about proposals for better implementation of human rights protections. In regards to Emilio Álvarez Icaza, Plascencia Villanueva said that he was still looking to establish further contact and that his proposals and those of the other 24 candidates would be welcome.

Outside the precincts of Xicotencatl, members of the Eureka Committee were protesting and demanding, “Get out of the CNDH Plascencia!” demonstrating the controversy over his position.


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